What Is The Fashion Fit Formula?

It's That Missing Piece of Information Needed To Create YOUR Wow Factor!

Actually, the formula itself is a series of mathematical calculations and algorithms (based on 12 of your vertical measurements), which provides your unique solution for your perfect fit:

purple dress

• Jacket Lengths (cropped, short, standard, above knee)
• Skirt & Dress Lengths (micro-mini, mini, street and mid-calf)
• Shorts & Capris (short-shorts, Bermuda shorts, long and short capris)
• Sleeve Lengths (above and below elbow)
• Belt Widths (perfect for you!)
• Necklace Length (your optimum)

wedding dresses

Why does it work?

It's based on bone structure and every person is unique.


In order to mass produce clothing, base measurements had to be used for the various sizes. Each designer’s ready to wear line is based on a perfectly proportioned linear (vertical) size model. The problem of course, is that each designer uses a different standard. For one designer the ideal woman is 5 foot 6 inches, while another may choose a 6 foot standard. As a result, most of us are wearing clothing that was designed for someone else.

How Does It Work? It's Based On Bone Structure.

The blonde figure on the left represents a perfectly proportioned linear figure—8 head lengths tall. The next two figures represent women who are both 5 foot 2 inches tall. Yet look at the differences of their bone structure. Notice how short the middle figure’s torso is compared to the figure on the right. The middle figure also has very long bones from the hip to the knee when compared to the other two.

head masurements

As we have discussed, ready to wear clothing is designed to fit the standard of a perfectly proportioned linear figure. Look what happens here when different figures who wear the same dress size put on the same dress.

The dress fits the blonde with the perfect linear figure as a mini-skirt and short sleeves. Yet the same dress on the middle figure is a 3/4 length sleeve and mid-calf — the belt fits in the middle of her pelvic bone. The figure on the right shows too much cleavage, has elbow length sleeves and the waist sits on her pelvic bone. Both the hemlines on the middle and right fall far below the knee.