Today’s business market is so tight that it is not enough just to wear a suit off the rack to a job interview. Many times you can find what you need already in your closet and save a fortune. Apply your Fashion Fit Formula solution and apply some of the hints in our new book An Extraordinary Wardrobe Is Hiding In Your Closet to provide you’re your best look.




It’s important to look youthful, yet sophisticated,
energetic and very professional.

These are examples of how clothing you already own can be updated to create a younger, more energetic and professional look. Your perfect proportion provided by your Fashion Fit Formula should always be used when it is important for you to look your best.

Business Casual

The words Business Casual are an oxymoron. This policy is fraught with danger for a career woman. In many companies jeans are acceptable on Friday’s. Don’t fall into the trap. Dress more casual than normal but not casual enough to be shopping at the mall, or hanging with friends.

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Business Casual Is Not an Excuse for Dowdy

Although the Fashion Fit Formula provides you with YOUR BEST LOOK it shouldn’t be reserved for just special times.

By putting this woman’s to her perfect mid-calf length, she looks better. When the inside sweater is tucked in and a necklace is worn at her pivotal neckline point, her look is almost perfect. Care and attention should be paid to the type of shoes you wear to work. A delicate skirt requires a delicate appearing shoe. If possible match the shoe to the hemline of the dress.