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Harper Atelier of New York - "Fashion Has No Size!"

Patrical Harper
325 West 38th Street Suites 306
New York NY 10018

Patricia Harper has 27 years in the Garment Industry, and specializes in Custom Made Women's Wear, Bridal Dresses and Evening Gowns. Also Dresses, Jackets, Alterations and much more!

Eat Mindfully - Live Vibrantly. Are you�sick of dieting and overeating?� We�can help!��Unique non-diet approach�may be the answer�you've been searching for!

Michelle May, M.D., a physician, author and recovered yoyo dieter, delivers�her crucial and timely message with passion, energy, humor and insight that transforms the way her audiences view weight management.

Medical practices around the country are licensed by Am I Hungry to teach people this program for building habits of healthy eating.

Shay Pausa meets amazing women as they share their stories of inspiration, lessons learned and challenges overcome. ChiKii is designed to connect, empower and enhance the lives of women.

What is ChiKii Woman to Woman? ChiKii is the first web show and online service dedicated to providing women with introductions and connection to social, volunteer and support opportunities.

We want to help you connect to others in your community, discover new resources and express your viewpoints. We are now connected to more than 1100 women's groups nationwide and we are growing everyday.

Register your events, links and groups. There is no cost to participate. If you haven't tried it yet, go to Find a Friend. And be sure to check out the newly expanded eCafe and Articles in Recommended Reading. Watch the show in our ChiKii TV library and at SheKnowsTV.

DivineCaroline is the flagship site of Real Girls Media Network, Inc. RGM combines real voices with guided editorial and the dynamism of an online community.

Through our proprietary technology, we enable Members to easily submit - and automatically publish - their thoughts and stories. And we give all visitors a variety of ways to engage with the content and the community.

Eventually our network will consist of multiple sites and resources serving different age groups.

We want to stay active, youthful, limber ... and yes, sexy! ... for as long as possible. That means staying in touch with medical knowledge and scientific breakthroughs - and each other.

Join us as we explore exciting new avenues of enhancing our health, our relationships, and our lives!

This organization is dedicated to the needs of women born between 1945 and 1960. A non-profit organization that will address the challenges of the members of this vast generation and the challenges of the generations to follow. The generation encompasses 75 million adults in their most productive years. The impact of this group on the economy of the nation cannot be disputed.