Did You Know?

Your Fashion Fit Formula solution is the missing key to looking your best in every outfit you wear. It’s the secret celebrities use to use to look extraordinary. Your solution is based on your bone structure, providing you with the information needed to attain the polished, on-top-of-your-game appearance.

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It's not what you wear...
       But how you wear it!

Look Thinner!

When YOUR UNIQUE Fashion Fit Formula solution is applied, you will suddenly look taller, younger and approximately 10 to 15 pounds thinner.

What You Receive!

Each solution provides YOUR perfect lengths for every outfit you can put together. It gives you:
4 jacket, sweater, and top lengths (cropped, short, standard, ¾ length).
4 dress, skirts, and coats (micro-mini, mini, street length, and mid-calf).
2 lengths for shorts (very short and Bermuda).
2 perfect Capris lengths (short and long).
Your perfect neckline point.
2 sleeve lengths (short and ¾).
Your perfect belt widths.
It can be purchased in an email form or a package that also includes the email.