Frequently Asked Questions and Closet Guilt

Do you have Closet Guilt?

How much time did you spend shopping for clothes in the last year? Hours:

Does shopping cause you a great deal of frustration? Yes? No?

Do you open your closet and feel you have nothing to wear? Yes? No?

How much time and energy do you spend every morning thinking about what you are going to wear?
None? From the time you wake up until you open the closet door?

Do you wish you looked better in your clothes? Yes? No?

Do you wear the same core outfits on a regular basis? Yes? No?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, you are not alone!
Most women only wear 20-30% of their clothes.

There is so much time, energy and frustration spent either shopping for clothes or trying to find outfits in your closet to wear.

Do you ask your husband, significant other, roommate or friends the proverbial question “Do I look fat in this?”

Or how many times have you made the statement, “I have nothing to wear!” when you can’t get another thing into your closet or closets.

The Fashion Fit Formula will help you eliminate Closet Guilt.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I have to have all of my clothes altered? No. Now that you know what you are looking for you will be able to find clothes that will fit you to your exact measurements.
  2. How much money will I spend altering my clothes? It varies from one alteration person to another. As a rule it is very inexpensive to have hems altered. Remember how much time, energy and expense you have already spent purchasing an outfit and then just letting it hang in your closet unworn or giving it away.
  3. I don’t purchase very expensive clothes. Is it really worth having them altered? Why not have clothes that look like they are made for you? It makes no difference what you paid for the garment. You can look great, for very little money.
  4. How can the formula last a life time when I gain or lose weight? The Fashion Fit Formula is based on bone structure and is strictly a linear (vertical) measurement.
  5. As you get older you start shrinking. How does that effect your measurements? Due to age and gravity the space between the vertebrae decreases. However the bones do not move. The actual bones such as the breast bone, elbow, knee etc…do not move on your body, therefore it has no bearing on the formula.
  6. How does the formula work with various clothing styles? The great thing about the formula is that is does not matter what style is in, it works on all types of Western clothing.