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Closet Guilt..

The average woman only wears 20% to 30% of her clothing. She has been known to change clothes at least 3 times before an event. Finally choosing one of her 5 basic outfits that she wears over and over again because she feels good in it.

Yet, no woman that we have ever met has admitted to going into a store and asking "what do you have on sale that is ugly so I can hang it in the back of my closet?" You bought the clothing because you liked the color or the style. Yet most women tell us that when they wear one of the frequently unworn outfits "They feel frumpy."

This is Nikki Karl, from Annapolis, MD. Her closets were overflowing with garments. Yet she often felt like she had nothing to wear. However, when her Fashion Fit Formula solution was applied to the clothing in her closet, she was amazed at the transformation! Shop first in your closet, have a designer wardrobe, save a fortune but most important look taller, thinner and polished.

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If you have answered yes to most of these questions, you are not alone - You Have Closet Guilt!

Most women only wear 20% to 30% of their clothes. There is so much time, energy and frustration spent either shopping for clothes or trying to find outfits in their closets to wear. Have you ever asked your husband, significant other, roommate or friends the proverbial question "Does this look okay?"

Do you wish you had more money for vacations, better car, gas for the car, electric bill, home improvement, savings account? After you receive your Fashion Fit Formula solution, shop in your closet first. Work with a friend, try on your clothing and have her pin each garment according to the measurements you have been given. You will be amazed at the difference!