About Us: Janet Wood and Kathy McFadden

Fashion Fit Formula is based in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. It was founded by two women, Janet Wood and Kathy McFadden who had very successful careers in male dominated industries. Their goal is to help other women reach their full potential and obtain their dreams.

Kathy held positions as CEO of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas for a combined total of 18 years. She brought her many organizational skills, attention to detail so critical in production, accounting and event planning necessary to run the company.

Janet is the creative one, and actually responsible for the mathematical formula which has been named the Fashion Fit Formula. It changes the appearance of women daily. To reach your goals and ambitions, making a plan is the first step. Second and equally important is improving your appearance. That brings attention needed for others to notice your behavioral change. This simple solution has helped so many people attain their desires.

It all came about because Janet had never been happy about the way clothes looked on her. In college as electives she studied fashion design, advanced sewing, tailoring for men, tailoring for women, tailoring for disabilities, art and portrait painting. The dichotomy between the art and fashion courses made her realize that there had to be a mathematical solution to providing proper balance in clothing.

It took her several years but eventually Janet developed a series of mathematical calculations which provided the proper clothing symmetry, every time without fail.

From July 2003 to August 2005, the owners traveled around the United States and Canada working with women of all ages, shapes, sizes, styles and ethnic backgrounds to perfect the end user product. Numerous focus groups played a key role in determining our product delivery, product development and desired information. We listen to our customers.

It is currently being sold via the Internet and through Independent Partners throughout the United States and Canada. To find an Independent Partner see 'Find a Consultant'. If you are interested in becoming a Fashion Fit Formula partner see 'Business Opportunities' for more information.