Once you have decided on the Fashion Fit Formula package you wish to purchase you will be asked to enter your measurements and then your payment information.

How to measure yourself:

Read the Instruction Guide or watch our how-to video

Expert Assistance:

If you would like expert assistance from a Fashion Fit Consultant search our directory for US/UK or Canada to find a Consultant near you. The consultant will measure you accurately and efficiently and will make sure that you get the most out of your Fashion Fit Formula experience


Since our FFF Solutions are Custom and we have e-books OUR SERVICES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE


Please NOTE that the Premium and Gold Packages are ONLY available in the United States . 'Just The Facts' and e-books are available everywhere.

Just The Facts (Fashion Fit Formula Solution by Email) $65

We take the 12 bone measurements that you provided and enter them into our proprietary software.

Your solution, accurate to 1/8 inch provides:

  • Your perfect neckline
  • Sleeves above and below your elbow
  • Range of Belt Widths, perfect for you
  • Jackets, tops and sweater lengths (cropped, bomber, short, standard (blazer or tunic) and 3/4 length)
  • Skirts (micro-mini, mini, street and mid-calf lengths)
  • Shorts and Capris lengths

You will receive a link to your answer and instructions via an email. It will provide the measurement from both a body point and the distance to the floor (example: 6 inches above your knee or 28 inches from the floor).

Professional Package $90

  • The emails and instructions of "Just The Facts"
  • A beautiful folder explaining clothing relationships and pivotal points.
  • The personalized laminated chart for you to take shopping

Gold Package $125

  • The emails and instructions of "Just The Facts"
  • The Professional Package
  • A 16 page instruction booklet of hints and techniques to get the most out of the Fashion Fit Formula.

E-BOOK: An Extraordinary Wardrobe is Hiding in Your Closet! $10.99

Make the clothes you already own work for you. This e-book is 121 full color pages on how to update your existing clothing to have an extraordinary wardrobe.

  • Identify new trends and how to incorporate a few pieces to get the right look
  • Work with the color wheel to put the best accessories together
  • Hints on redesigning your clothing

E-BOOK: Changing Sizes! $10.99

Janet Wood Cuncliffe lost 90 pounds. During this process, she was losing weight too quickly to keep purchasing new clothing to fit each size.

The solution was to develop tricks and techniques to alter clothing without sewing. These are revealed in this book.

Using buttons, Velcro, iron-on hem tape, safety and craft pins you can look great all the time as you transform to a smaller size.

Convenience Packages: Your Fashion Fit Solution PLUS either or both eBooks

Just The Facts ($65)
plus 'Extraordinary Wardrobe' = $75.99

plus 'Changing Sizes' = $75.99

plus both E-books = $86.98

Professional Package ($90)
plus 'Extraordinary Wardrobe' = $100.99

plus 'Changing Sizes' = $100.99

plus both E-books = $111.98

Gold Package ($125)
plus 'Extraordinary Wardrobe' = $135.99

plus 'Changing Sizes' = $135.99

plus both E-books = $146.98