Taking Your Measurements

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Your measurements will be sent to you in an email within 72 hours.

You will need three things to take 16 easy body measurements. This will produce your linear (vertical) mathematical proportioned formula.

Allow 20 minutes for measuring.


If you would like expert assistance with taking your measurements Click here (USA) or here (CAN) to find a consultant.

You can enter measurements into our system using inches (fractions: 45 1/2, or decimal, 45.5) or centimetres (120.5)

First, select the units you will use for measuring:

Measurement Tips

If you have curvature of the spine, or any other condition that causes one side of your body to have arms that fall at different lengths or any joint to be higher or lower on one side than the other, we need you take the measurements of both sides of your body.

If you only need to measure one side, fill in the form for the LEFT HAND SIDE ONLY.

Watching the measuring video will also be helpful for all of our vertical measurements. (The women’s measurements exclude horizontal measurements and the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose.)

1. Measure top of head to floor.

Stand up as tall as you can. Measure from the center of the head, no shoes on.

( For Example: )

2. Measure bridge of nose.

Make sure your head is not tilted up or down and you are looking straight ahead.

3. Measure tip of nose.

Make sure your head is not tilted up or down and you are looking straight ahead.

4. Measure bend of jaw right by ear to the floor.

If you are having a hard time finding this measurement, open your mouth to find the hinge of the jaw. Then close your mouth and take the measurement to the floor.

5. Measure base of chin.

Make sure your head is not tilted up or down and you are looking straight ahead.

6. Measure the base of neck (located right on the collar bone) to the floor.

7. Measure across from one shoulder to the other shoulder making sure the tape measure is all the way to the end of the shoulder bone.

8. Measure at breastbone from arm to arm across the chest.

Locating the breastbone:
Start with your finger at the base of the throat and run it down the middle of your chest until you feel a bump. Take the measurement just below the bump.

9. Measure from the breastbone to the floor. Watch the measuring video to help find the breastbone..

10. Measure elbow at the bend to floor.

11. Measure waist to floor.

If you are having difficulty finding the waist, bend over to the side placing your hand in the bend. If you have a couple rolls and are not sure which is the correct measurement, place a hand in each bend and the natural waist is the bend that is the deepest indention.

12. Measure from where the leg joins the torso to floor.

To find the point where the leg joins the torso - move one leg to the side. There will be an indentation.

13. Measure from wrist bone to floor.

Measure the middle of the wrist bone to the floor. Take this measurement with your arm at your side.

14. Measure from the middle knuckle of the middle finger to floor.

The measurement is taken from the middle knuckle of the middle finger. Measure with your arm at your side.

15. Measure from middle of the knee to floor.

Measure middle of knee where there is an indentation (end of the patella) to floor.

16. Measure from ankle bone to floor.

Take the measurement at the top of the ankle bone.

Please select the number next to the face shape that best describing your face.  You will be asked to put this number on the measurement form under face shape.  The next selection is the neck that best describes your neck shape.  A number is also assigned to each neck shapes and on the measurement page it will ask for that number under the heading neck shape.  It may not be your exact look for either the face shape or the neck shape but select the one that is as close as you can.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or contact us by phone.  corporate@fashionfitformula.com or (800) 601-8652.




Change these instructions to inches or centimetres by selecting the units you will be using at the top of the data entry form.

Follow the instructions for each measurement carefully. Our formula is calculated to the nearest 1/8 of an inch.

For clarification, only record to an 8th of an inch such as: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 7/8. Example: 5 feet 6 inches and 3/8 would be recorded as 66 3/8 inches.

All measurements should be taken barefoot.

Tape the measuring tape at both ends to a wall or door with the smallest number (1 inch) starting at the floor.

Make sure the tape measure is touching the floor.

The straight edge will be useful when measuring the top of your head and various other parts of your body. Place a straight edge or ruler on the pivotal point of your body as instructed. Keeping it horizontal, use it as a pointer to find that measurement on the tape measure.